Routing Rules For Static Pages

Hey guys,

 New to Yii, I started playing around with it today.. anyways.. I am trying to figure out 

a routing issue that I have… well its really NOT an issue but more of a concern. Currently reading the routing documentation lead me to modify the rules exactly how I want them to be (removing index.php, site controller, etc). Here is how I have the rules set.



			'showScriptName' => false,

			'caseSensitive'  => true,

			'rules' => array (

				'/' => '/site/index',

				'<view:(about)>' => 'site/page',

				'<action:\w+>' => 'site/<action>',



now as you can see I have a rule for the view like <view:(about)>. My initial question is… what if I had like 50 static pages… how would I turn this in a way that I don’t have to physically insert each and every single static page inside the rules regular expression?


Instead of defining exceptions before your general action rule maybe add a filter that would fire before any action in the Site controller and check if the action id is on a list of static pages, then render it instead.

I use "extension" (/about.html) to mark urls as static pages.

Ok, I will look up on how to use filters…


nineinchnick, would you mind throwing me on the correct path? I found a whole bunch of stuff, and I don’t want to move forward till I can fully understand this section.

I looked through the CController code and I think you can:

  • override missingAction() method where you would check if action is a static page and redirect there/display it, in other cases call the parent implentation

  • define all static pages in the actions() method, remember that it’s a method and you don’t have to return a static array, you can build it there

  • create a widget that would scan the location of your static pages and return them as array in its actions() method, this makes it an action provider widget

  • use the CViewAction widget

  • create a distinctive url route in the manager - as ORey suggested, this looks like the easiest way :slight_smile:

Perfect, I will be sure to try this out and read a little more. So far your post makes perfect sense.

Thank you again.