Routing issues with custom PageUrlRule


I’m using the following .htaccess redirect to forward to

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^mannatree/

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ mannatree/index.php?r=$1 [L]

I then use a custom page url rule in Yii to route the request from: my-section/my-awesome-page to action "page" with "id=102" etc.

My problem:

This custom rule works fine if I use:

but not if I use:

When I echo out the $pathInfo in the custom page url routing code for the former it returns: my-section/my-awesome-page, but for the latter it is null :(

Any ideas?


By Custom PageUrlRule I mean I have extended CBaseUrlRule and am trying to get the parseUrl() function to work properly.

public function parseUrl($manager,$request,$pathInfo,$rawPathInfo)

Currently with my .htaccess rewrite the $pathInfo parameter is null