Rollback last composer update


I am a newbie. I had downloaded webvimark’s user management widget in yii2- basic and had made some custom changes. Today, I ran a composer.phar update and all my changes are gone. I know, I should had backedup my code. :(

Is it possible to rollback my last composer update.

Please help.

Thanks in Advance.


@All - If I’m wrong please correct me.

I think it is not possible in the way to imagine.

Of course you can rollback / use "older" versions of any composer loaded extension.

But the "older version" will be loaded from github again.

Means: Your custom code is still gone.

But like everything in life some lessons have to be learned the "hard" way.

To avoid problems like this in future read:


Thanks Metacrawler for the prompt response and the link.

Surely… learnt a lesson.