Rogue Asset Bundle Loading

I am pretty new to YII, but I’ve had good luck so far getting started. My current issue is that I have several asset bundles with dependencies, and they are loading just fine, but I have 1 that is loading and I don’t know what is calling it.


Is there a way in debugging or something that will tell me what is calling this bundle? The debug toolbar is not showing any depends for that bundle. I have scrubbed thru all of my bundles and none of them are calling it either.

It’s not your AppAsset.php that is playing tricks on you ?

I checked and that’s not it. I am not calling that namespace and that would be loading ‘css/site.css’. My app is only loading ‘css/bootstrap.css’ from yii\bootstrap\Bootstrap\Asset. Any other ideas?

Are you in debug mode ?

Yes, but even with debug turned off, it still loads.

Okay, turn it off in your config, like this:

        'assetManager' => [

            'bundles' => [

                'yii\bootstrap\Bootstrap\Asset' => false



That worked! I still wish I knew what was calling it, but that’s for another time.


The debug module is calling it. Remove the module and it won’t load anymore.