I know qiang said there is no roadmap. But I bet many of us would like to at least know where we’re heading. I know for example that yii 2.x will be php 5.3-only, just as many other major PHP frameworks. So could you please create such a roadmap and fill it as something new appears? A static page somewhere, not here on the forum … too much noise from the community.

I understand how people would love to see a roadmap, myself included.

From my experience in other forums however, I now feel this can be a bad thing.

In the roadmap the developers promise/suggest a certain feature or enhancement in a certain build, and if it’s not done there are always those who complain, which soon turns a forum very sour and un-productive.

I think Qiang is handling things the right way, especially since there seems to be very little you can’t already do with Yii.

For a relatively small community, I think the number of extensions produced and the seemingly none-stop progress seen on SVN is testament to the longevity and future development of Yii.

I think the best we can all do is simply make suggestions if you feel there is anything missing or needs improving.

I’m sure Qiang will give suitable priority to any ideas worth implementing.

We are mainly using google issue tracker ( to define our roadmap. It is more appropriate, precise and manageable.