Rights Module Assign Role

When i am assigning a role to a user like

Rights::assign('parent', $user->id);

this is not only giving "parent" role but also giving all the roles to the user.

any solution?

got solution

$authorizer = Yii::app()->getModule("rights")->getAuthorizer();

$authorizer->authManager->assign('parent', $user->id);

this is working.

Dear Rajith,

Need you help, can you please guide what missing in the rights module implementation .

Have installed users and rights module, working gr8!

After installation, removed default access rules from controller, created role with multiple tasks and operations but when that role assigned to user, it does not work.

for example, I have created sub-admin role to let user add,create users but can not delete them but that assignment not seems to be working.

thanks in advance.