Rights module access check


I m using rights module for access control.In there I want to ignore access checking for some actions as these actions are use by internally and no need to expose to end user.

As an example assume there is a dependent drop down to load cities when country is selected for that I`ll make an ajax request to "controller/actionGetCities", It gives permission error if we not give permission to this action.

I don`t want to show this action in permission list, since it is not a major action and need to ignore access checking for this action.



i don’t really understand why you dont want to add the function

but if you have a controller that has a lot of public actions

and only a view actions available to registered users

instead of denying all by default, allow all


‘users’ => array(’*’),


and list the actions that have restrictions



‘users’ => array(’@’),


Thank you for the reply. This is fine when we are using accessControl filter.Anyway I found the solution for it when using rights extension.

just put below function on the controller. For these action it will not done access checking and you should not include them in permission items.

public function allowedActions() 


   return 'GetLiveData, GetAccessCodeOptions';