rights casesensitive table name

Hi I am using rights module. I am developing on windows machine and then syncing with linux server using git.

now on windows all tbale names created by rights are in lowercase. when i sync my database with linux server i start getting error about table name. yii looks for AuthAssigments but on linux it is authassignments and so on.

what should i do to fix this problem. is it yii or rights or mysql issue?


Try this:

        'authManager' => array(

            'class' => 'RDbAuthManager',

            'assignmentTable' => 'authassignment',

            'itemTable' => 'authitem',

            'itemChildTable' => 'authitemchild',

            'rightsTable' => 'rights',


I used to have this problem as well long time ago and this was my workaround. Hence, I can just export database from Windows development machine to the Linux deployment server.

Read here, for myslq solution.