Rights And Restfullyii Extension Access Control

Hi all,

i have installed correctly Rights Extension and RestFullYii extension but my question is: how can i allow users who are not logged requests to the RestFull API action?

public function allowedActions() { … } not work for me because action list is for legged in user.

suggestion please? Tnx.

This work for me:

Step 1

modify ERestEventListenerRegistry.php line 111 return false->return true;

Step 2

In controller add REST.GET to filters method

public function filters()


		return array(

			'rights - REST.GET', // perform access control for CRUD operations


                        'ext.starship.RestfullYii.filters.ERestFilter + 

                        REST.GET, REST.PUT, REST.POST, REST.DELETE'




wow. thanks so much for sharing this with us. this drove me nuts. your hint made my day :)