Rich Text Editor


between yii rich text editor wich on can upload image and is free please help me?Thanks

This one is neat.

Responsive filemanager

Works with TinyMCE or standalone.


but i cant run this program.please help me.

i have this erorr

Notice: Undefined index: RF in D:\xampp\htdocs\editor\filemanager\upload.php on line 3


I think you are opening the wrong file. Try this path:

path to filemanager../filemanager/dialog.php?type=0&fldr=

This is as stand-alone. It can also be used as a plugin with TinyMCE. It’s all in the documentation.

Have You heard about CKEditor ??? It helps me a lot


Alternatively you can use this one.


Also based on CKeditor. Easy to install and configure.

Since you wanted to upload. KCFinder is a free alternative to CKFinder.