RGraph wrapper

I’ve uploaded a new extension for drawing charts using HTML5 and Javascript with the powerful library: RGraph.

Your suggestions and bug reports are welcomed.

More details and example of use in: http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/rgraph/

Best regards.

Hi robregonm,

The link for rgraphseem got problem. I cant try it and download the library. Can you upload here? Will the file size too big?

Hi jowen,

Try to download it, using this link, it is the direct link to the last rgraph stable version: http://www.rgraph.net/downloads/RGraph2_2012-03-28-stable.zip

It’s about 1MB size

Hi robregonm,

Try to download it, using this link, it is the direct link to the last rgraph stable version: http://www.rgraph.ne...3-28-stable.zip

It's about 1MB size 

The link and the main page for rgraph always show this error msg. Is there other way to download it?? Thanks.

The connection has timed out

The server at www.rgraph.net is taking too long to respond.

Pretty weird. I’ve uploaded a copy here, in order to be able to downloaded by those who cannot. Nevertheless, if you are behind a firewall or a proxy check your filters.



Hi robregonm,

Thx a lot… =)

Hi robregonm, great work! How do I change the size of the canvas?

Silly me, of course with the htmlOptions!

Hi rujero,

Right, Great you realized it :)

Best regards.

Hi robregonm! Have you got any plans to complete the graph extension with the other types of graph that graph supports (e.g. Gauge)?

Best regards.

Hi rujero,

No, in the short-term. I’ve done minor updates/enhancements, but not big change or addition.

Nevertheless, it is pretty easy to extend it.

In the mean time, I think I will create a BitBucket repository in order to make my minor changes public and always up-to-date.

Best regards.

Is the version on the download page the latest? It shows it was updated in 2013, but all of the files in the one I downloaded show the 25 April 2012 datestamp, which was the original release date.

Hi, please help me to use this extension, What is the wrapper to use it within Yii?

Anyone who has used the extension, please tell me how to do it

Ready, I know how to do it. Thanks.