Rgraph Extension

Hi Frineds,

I install the Rgraph widgets (http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/rgraph/) but it’s give me error

The asset "/var/www/redkey/protected/vendors/RGraph/css" to be published does not exist.

Any one face this issue?

please help…

Have you confirmed that there is any CSS file in this extension folder.Since i have downloaded this extension and there is no css folder.

You should have to report a bug to the extension writer.


thanks for reaply…

In your extension page and go to the Usage title

1)Download RGraph library and decompress it to protected/vendors/rgraph (you can change this path with the rGraphPath parameter)

i downloaded this from url


then after i get the error so how can i solve this.

And i already send the report to extesion devloper.

Hmm… man i have downloaded that extension after that i said :)

Anyways rather then this extension you can go with Heighcharts extension. Its really awesome.

let it try.


thanks for reaply me this http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/highcharts/ extesion…

but my client requirements…is Rgraph extesion…

bdw thanks for spend the time…

Ahhh sure no probs ;)

is this work on your machine?

neahh… thats why i told you to report this bug to extension developer ;)

ok… :D


it;s working now…

thanks for supoortig…