Revoke user roles


If i want to revoke user roles, as far as i have seen, i can revoke the current user being processed…

but if i want to use a assign/revoke system for administration purposes, i don’t see how i can do it without using the DB each time i want to check user rights.

Let me explain you a little better. I want the administrator/coordinator to have the tools to change, even after the user login, the user roles of the users of the system. This wouldn’t be a problem if i only had to consider the changes after the logout and before the login. So, i want to know if this is possible to do with the RBAC implemented in Yii and some tips on how to do it… :unsure:

Any help? Thanks in advance. :)

I don’t understand the problem.

If you use CAuthItem->assign(), CAuthItem->revoke() the changes are immediatly applied when invoking CAuthItem->checkAccess().

What is not working exactly?