Return Object In Component, Override Magic Setter/getter

This is hard to explain for me but I’ll do my best.

I am starting to write a CApplicationComponent to get config params from DB.


class parameters extends CApplicationComponent


  public $cacheAll = false;

  public $dbConnectionId = null;

  public $applications = array();

  public function __get( $attr )


    if( $this->applications && in_array($attr, $this->applications) )


      if( Yii::app()->$$this->applications[$attr]['id'] )


        //in work...





public $applications would be an array like this:

$arrray = array (

  'productName' => array (





Well… the fact is that I need, or mostly want, to get an attribute like this:


I know that Yii implements magic getter and setters for class properties, so I would access $applications this way:


So, I am now overriding the __get function, to see if the requested value is a key in the array $applications, or else I will delegate it to the Yii’s defined one with parent::__get($attr).

If the requested value is a key in the $applications array, then I would have to create an object so I can use the -> operator, and another magic setter/getter, but I really don’t know how yet.

IS there a better way of doing it? Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks a lot