Retrieve Submitted Information After Hybridauth Authentication


I’ve implemented successfully the ability to authenticate with a Facebook / Twitter account, but now I’m not sure how to achieve something, I’ve got some ideas but I’m wondering if there’s any king of good practice for this.

This is to do with a SignUp form, which contains a name and e-mail address : once the form is submitted, I’d like to check if the email address is the same than the one associated to the Facebook account of the user.

My problem is that in the controller action, when I authenticate using HybridAuth it goes to Facebook and then comes back using the callback, however when it comes back I’ve lost the information which was submitted via the form.

Shall I simply store the content of $_POST somewhere and retrieve it when HybridAuth calls me back, or is there any more "automated" way to do this ?

Many thanks in advance for your help, my yii-friends :slight_smile:

I haven’t found any better solution than storing the values of the form as session variables, but I’ve got the feeling that there’s a more simple solution that I can’t think of.

Any idea anyone ?