Retrieve POST raw data

I receive data to my application via POST, however the data does not have a variable name.

The post body contains JSON data.

How can I read that data in my controller? I tried


but it didn’t work.

I read that this method can only be used once - so maybe Yii is already using it.

Your problem is not really clear, maybe if you show some code on how you send (post) that data…

Why would you use file_get_content ? What do you mean with "data does not have a variable name"?

Have you tried to use $_POST or getPost() -

It turns out file_get_contents was working, it was another issue.

The code that generates the POST is not mine, I am getting it from an API.

POST requests don’t always have variable names such as “something=test”. In this case the whole body of the POST is one big JSON. Which so far with my research, can only be accessed by file_get_contents(‘php://input’); , unless someone has a more elegant idea.

$_POST only works when you have variable names.

Never saw that… can you get the code on how this POST is sent?

Anyway… what you get with


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mdomba it’s a predifined variable but not the $_POST

for example lot of flash apps will communicate via raw_post_data with xml… u can read stream from the request body

ooo… sorry i never used it with yii, but u can check it in the core WebService component.

are u sure file_get_contents(‘php://input’); contains data?

Well like I said it’s all good now, I think i had a typo somewhere and it works now.

But it’s something to look into, maybe it can be integrated into the Yii framework.

is it the way of


simpler to get raw http post data ? :rolleyes:

Maybe use Yii::app()->request->getRawBody()