retrieve data from dropdownlist

HI, i have my dropdownlist with multiple selection

echo CHtml::dropDownList('mydropdownlist','mydropdownlist', $offre0, array('multiple' => 'multiple'));

and in my controller i retrieve the value of mydropdownlist




		       $model->slct = $_GET['mydropdownlist'];



but when i show the value of $slct it shows only the index(0,1,2 …) not the value of field!!

how can i retrieve the value selected

and how can i retrieve multiple values selected!!

thak you


You get the index position(s) of the selected element(s)… to get the value use the original array holding all the values… in your case $offre0

yees i’m stupid, thank you

if i want to get directly the value without going through index, how can i retrieve it?