Retrieve cols from different tables in Join


im writing a join statement which looks like this:

               $criteria = new CDbCriteria;


		$criteria->select = 't.uid,t.userName,,tableB.title,tableC.cid,';

		$criteria->join= 'LEFT JOIN `user` ON t.uid = tableB.uid 

		LEFT JOIN `tableC` ON tableB.uid=tableC.uid';

		$info = tableA::model()->findAll($criteria);

the reason i did tableA::model()->findAll($criteria) is because i checked the log file n wanted the sql query to be "select … from tableA LEFT JOIN tableB ON…

now i wanna retrieve information like, tableB.title, etc. how can i do it??

I think you need to add:


And than you’ll be able to see the fields. I am not sure how to actually view the data though.

sorry for the late reply. so where should i add together = true??