Resumable download file

is any ready extension for sending file to browser with support Resumable download?

I would like to check out the code as well, for curiosity purposes only tho

Hey Kusanagi,

I created an extension that should do what you are asking for. I have tried my self and works but I would like your feedback… if your feedback is good then I will post it as an extension to the library.

Here the extension:

Tell me what you think… thanks

i try it on nginx with ff extention downthemall but after resume donwload extention say that filesize was changed

may be any tricks?

also what is DS? i get error on it

Sorry man… DS is DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, thanks for pointing that out. It is a constant on my library and forgot to update it. About NGINX, I am not familiar with, this has been tested on Apache Server and I was expecting some feedback from MSIE. If you find a workaround for NGINX let me know and I will update the extension asap.

I check if I find a solution my self too.

Found a bug, I will update the file asap.

Hi there,

Now the extension works as expected. I should’ve wait for the feedback before submitting. Hope now it works for you. Nothing you need to do specially for NGINX, it should support it.

what is new url to download it?

On the extensions repository… it is called EDownloadHelper

great! now all works! thanks for ext, i rated it!

Glade to hear :)