Restfullyii With Yii-User

Hi All,

I have yii-user and restfullyii extension installed in my app. I want to send the username and password from the front end(Which is currently angular, and i call web-service using ngResource) to the yii-user extension through the restfullyii.

When i tried to send it, i get 404 error.

   <h2>Error 404</h2>

<div class="error">

Unable to resolve the request &quot;user/REST.POST&quot;.</div></div><!-- content -->

i understand that the url i’m trying to post is api/user/login which is not the correct format for the restfullyii, since it expects api/controller. where as in my case i have to call controller inside user extension which is inside modules folder.

How can i route the request to the custom url like api/user/login.

i tried to follow the custom routes of restfullyii. but nothing is working.

i feel this is a common usecase, but i didn’t find much help after googling for 2 day. hence i decide to post it here, hoping to get the problem solved.

Can anyone help me to fix it?

If there is a link for reference it will be very useful, not just to me.