Restfullyii allow access from different domains.

Hello Everyone,

I have setup a restful api with YII and extension Restfulyii. The problem I’m having is allowing access to the api from different domains. I wish to make my request from html wrapped in android app. Is there something I need to set in the framework to allow communication from the android app or any other domain at that?

From what I researched it seems that my issues have more to do with dealing with JS same origin issue. Additionally to allow access from different domains is more based off the web server and has nothing to do with the framework/php.

Sorry for the silly question…

Additionally if you making a Restful service to be called from a phonegap app then same origin doesn’t apply as the app is running the html file as a file not as served from a web server.

I don’t see any responses to the above post but thought I’d add to it. I too have installed the Restfullyii extension and find it quite helpful. But it would be nice if it could handle the cross domain issue with JSONP callback.