RESTful support for Yii


I have to access a server with RESTful services from my application. I’ve been looking for restful support in Yii, and there’s some threads talking about it but nothing concrete.

How do you do it to access REST services? And either outside of Yii with another framework or PHP API.

Thank you.

REST URLs support will be in the next release:

You can grab current code from SVN and play with it.

But this patch is to provide your app with RESTful interface, isn’t it?

What I’m asking for is an API to access a remote app via RESTFul interface.

Ah, I see. There is no library bundled in Yii core that can make HTTP requests but there are some in extensions like

Ok, thank you! I’ll have a look. There’s another one too: CURL. I’ll try both to see which one fits better :)

When is the release with REST due?