Restful Authentication with QueryParamAuth (problem with POST only)

Hi everybody,

i’ve created a restfull web service extending yii\rest\ActiveController (a fantastic class, easy, fast, “magic”… Thanks Yii Team!!!).

i’m using QueryParamAuth for implementing authentication in my case (sending an access-token through request parameters). But after follow and aply docs guide, i have problems only with POST calls to api. What i mean is that when i try a POST call (to create a new register) i get this error:

{"name":"Unauthorized","message":"You are requesting with an invalid credential.","code":0,"status":401,"type":"yii\\web\\UnauthorizedHttpException"}

if i try GET calls (index or view) or PUT calls (update) or DELETE calls, there isn’t any problem, all works ok, but with POST calls it’s not possible. In all calls i use request parameters (through URL) to send access-token. I’m testing API calls with restfull client from phpstorm.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot in advance!!!