Rest URL Rule not working properly.

I am trying to create a set of url rules as follows:


                'class'      => 'yii\rest\UrlRule',

                'tokens'     => ['{id}' => '<id:(\w+)>'],

                'controller' => [

                    'v1/items/<jid:(\w+)>/categories' => 'v1/itemcats',



and when accessing /v1/items/abc/categories i expect to have the index action show up, but it doesn’t, i get a 404 instead.

On the other hand, if i add following rule:


                'class'      => 'yii\web\UrlRule',

                'pattern'    => 'v1/items/<jid:(\w+)>/categories',

                'route'      => 'v1/itemcats',

                'verb'       => ['GET', 'HEAD'],

                'mode'       => \yii\web\UrlRule::PARSING_ONLY,


Then i can access the index action just fine.

Any idea about what’s happening here?

Bump, anyone?