Responsive Design

Maybe Yii 2.0 should be design to be responsive as it is? As Joomla 3, e.g.

Yii is a framework, not end user product. We can possibly include one of the frameworks such as Bootstrap but it’s still up to developer to make design responsive (or use proper markup from bootstrap or foundation).

I would second the motion to use Bootstrap to accommodate responsive design, assuming it’s not either baked in or offered as an extension (as with 1.x).

What I like about Yii is that it gives you

  • everything I can imagine for building a site around my data

  • nothing at all to drive front-end design decisions (exceptions: CListView and CGridView seem at first glance to be immutable laws, but I only ever employ them on the admin side anyway).

I agree with sam, it’s up to each developer to adopt RWD or not.

hello Colix,

there are a couple of responsive designs available for the 1.1 version on the Yii Themes site:

  • Responsive Meerkat

  • OneX

  • 320nUp

As soon as Yii 2.0 is out, we will start designing/importing themes right away, focusing heavily on responsive themes because they are in huge demand.