Resolving Parameterized Hostname

Hi, I’m trying to build a social network where you can access public profile with <username> I have created paramterized hostname rule in the main config file for this purpose. So my question is do we have to run a script on the server’s cpanel to create a subdomain corresponding to <username> whenever a user is created. :wacko:

Is there an external API perhaps, that you can use to access cPanel from inside the server?

This is doable quite easily using wildcard domains (DNS + webserver configuration).

Ask your hosting provider.

And if he cant do it (shared hosting, for example), I think that’s a baaad choice for social network :)

Now I’ve realized what I’ve been confused of was that I assumed <username> will work right away by using Yii parameterized hostname without having to add subdomain to DNS. So I think I’ll run a script that request CPanel to add user’s subdomain every time a user registers.

Actually I misunderstood your suggestion. I have found a way to set up wildcard subdomain on my server and it works.