resolving of relations in views/list.php after CRUD-gen

Hello everyone,

when i create a model, that has 1:n-relations, it could be possible that the CRUD-Generator generates a preview of the child entries; for example:

List Post:

1: Post Nr. 1

    Title: xxx

    Contains 2 Comments:

    * 1: …

    * 2: …

2: Post Nr. 2

    Title: xxx

    Contains 0 Comments.

and so on.

At the moment, i have to manually adjust the generated files, something like this (for action "show"):



public function actionShow()


		$customer = $this->loadCustomer();

		$objects = $customer->objects; // <-- retrieve foreign key objects

		$this->render('show',array('objects' => $objects, 'model'=>$customer)); // <-- pass them to the view




This Customer owns the following Objects:


<?php foreach($objects as $object) {

	echo "<li> Nr: " . $object->objectid . "/". $object->name . "</li>";





Does it make sense to automate this behaviour in the CRUD-Generator? I think, it could save a lot of work when dealing with a lot of relations. There is a lot of Information in the model, that could be used to generate much-nicer Default views?