[RESOLVED - YII2] How to publish online my webapp


i have created a my webapp in localhost whit advanced template and i have select development application.

Now i have created my web app.

How to put online my webapp for production ???

Thank you

You need a web server of your own on the Internet to publish your app.

You can select one that suit your needs from a very wide range of services that rent you a web server, but probably a small and inexpensive VPS or a shared hosting will be the best choice for you now.

The rest of the process depends much on the service that you select. Usually it involves setting up of a linux server which requires you some knowledge.


A shared hosting service is not very suitable for the app created with the advanced project template.

I have a server online but i i put my webapp online i have a footer bar with info… and i work in development mode.

I need a change the mode ? Other ?

Check this section of the guide:

This will set up your app in the production mode.

I have just installed yii in local in my pc… i have created the web app in my localhost… and now i nedd to publish the app online on my hosting. example: www.mywebapp.it

There is a guide ?

I have installed online the advanced template with Production mode and i have copied the frontend and backend directory from localhost to online folder.

Thank you

As I said in the first reply, the installation process of your app to the production web server depends heavily on the environment of your hosting server. So, there’s no detailed guide for every specific hosting service.

But if your server is a VPS or a standalone server … I mean, not a shared hosting server … and after you have setup it to run apache (or nginx), php and db server like mysql or postgres, then the rest of the process is almost the same as you do in the localhost.

If your server is a shared hosting server, then you may want to read this:



Resolved ? OK, that’s good.