Hey all,

In config/main.php I turned off caching but my https pages still seem to be serving up stale CSS/JS. I also noticed the extension ‘extendedclientscript’ appears to be injecting compressed/combined assets with names of files that don’t exist (returning 404s).

Does commenting out the cache component in main.php disable caching?

Has anyone experienced something similar with ‘extendedclientscript’ or know how to fix?

I’m having a hard time understanding what the cause could be. I cleared out the assets directory and the files get regenerated but still the pages are using non-existant assets.

I’m using yii 1.1.2.

Any help is appreciated :)

Well I figured some of it out.

I had a dev web root at /var/www/dev-site which I moved to /var/www/dev.

When I call registerCssFile it grabs the CSS from /var/www/dev-site/css instead of /var/www/dev/css.

I can’t find any reference to the old directory anywhere though, so I don’t know why it’s pulling it from the old dir.

I have caching and ‘extendedclientscript’ disabled and still it pulls from the old dir.

Anyone know why?

Try to clean /protected/runtime & /assets

I cleaned those dirs out and still no go.

Turns out the nginx config had a default root set to another (active) site but the https server definition farther down did not specify a root directive outside of any location blocks.

When extendedclientscript tried to grab the $_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’], it took the default root instead of the root directive for the specific location. Odd choice, really.

Fixed now :).