[Resolved] Version Compatibility Sign For Extensions?

I have a new project around the corner which I want implement using Yii2. For that, I’ll probably need to port a few extensions of mine to Yii2 (released extensions). How do I keep both ‘versions’ of an extension live in Yii website, where each is marked clearly as relevant to certain version of Yii? I think we need to have some sort of distinguishing UI to enable users to see, search and create extensions for Yii 1 or Yii 2.

I suspect that very soon we’ll start to see extensions such as “myext” and “myext-yii2” or whatever naming format people will invent.

A UI for distinguishing compatibility will prevent this in advance.

Thanks for considering this (and for the hard work in general )

Well well, what do you know? Such a UI has been recently introduced. Case closed…