resetScope doesn't work

Most of my models have a default scope. I mostly use them to prefilter the db entries - so only validated posts or date limited offers (WHERE offer.expires > NOW()), etc. are displayed by default. So I don’t have to take care that accidently a user sees, what he/she shouldn’t see.

But the admin/support team should see everything. So I wanted to reset the default scopes (thanks samdark). But this doesn’t work (I’m using the latest yii trunk).

That means, the select statement stays exactly the same.

To save you the time writing a test scenario, I’ve uploaded a minimal example here: (8kb)

  • To depack it, enter "tar xfj noResetScope.tar.bz2"

  • Copy yii into protected/vendors (where the emtpy yii folder is)

  • Call the index.php

The database is included (sqlite) with 2 records.

Created an issue: Will check a bit later.