Reset Site

Hi there,

I think i have broken my site.

The story is, i am developing a inventory system for my company using Yii. After having setup up the initial base site, i deployed to the company server. The machine i developed on was windows but the server is an Ubuntu server, so i had to change the paths in index.php.

The thing is after changing the paths back to windows, when i try load the site i get the message ,

‘This script must be run from the command line’

I am assuming when i changed the path the first time, it changed settings somewhere in the protected directory, and then again when i changed it back, (at least thats what i think) and im not sure where to change again.

AM i correct in this assumption? Is there any way to reset to the default paths?

I would really like to carry on with the site i have put quite a few hours into this :)

Thanks for any help!

You should show at least the index page that you’re using. You’re unlikely to have done any permanent damage to your code.

Hi again,

Sorry about that. I have included the two index files where i changed the path values so you can see what i have done. The only lines i changed where the yii=dir paths.

I think this is what your looking for :)

Thank you!

yiic is a

rem -------------------------------------------------------------

rem Yii command line script for Windows.


rem This is the bootstrap script for running yiic on Windows.


rem @author Qiang Xue <>

rem @link

rem @copyright 2008 Yii Software LLC

rem @license

rem @version $Id$

rem -------------------------------------------------------------

You should have your paths going to yii.php and not to yiic.php

Thanks for the help, i would never have thought of that :)

Much appreciated!