Reset Default Value To Drop Down


I am newbie to Yii.

developing an application, and its interesting !

But having so many issues and questions.


I have one query as:

I have give one drop down list with code:

        <b>Skill Type :</b>


        $other_option =array('Other' => 'Other value');           

        $selectedOptions= CHtml::listData(SkillType::model()->findAll(array('order' => 'skill_type_id')),'skill_type_id','skill_type');

        $selectedOptions = array_merge( $selectedOptions, array( "Other" => "Other" )) ;   

        echo $form->dropDownList(SkillType::model(),'skill_type',$selectedOptions,


        ); ?>

but after filling some information i want to reset its value to again ‘Select’ i.e which is prompt value.

but how to do this in Yii?