Reserved model/file names?

Are there any reserved model or file names in Yii? I have a model that I’d like to call Model but using the crud generator in Gii dies without an error message when trying to autoload the “Model.php” file. Are there any other reserved file names? Any ideas as to why this is dying?

For reference, the code stops execution when calling include() on Model.php from the final else{} clause of the autoload($className) method of YiiBase.php (line 338 in 1.1.2 r2086)

I’ve opened an issue in the tracker but I’d still like to know if there are any reserved model/class/file names in Yii that should be avoided? Thanks.

You should avoid all names of Yii autoloadable classes, I guess.

You should not create classes that are named Yii, CDbCriteria, CActiveRecord, CFormModel and CModel as well.