Resend Automatically

Dear All,

How to resend automatically without click useing jquery. Please see the following image. i do not want to click resend button. Actually I want this popup window will not display, it will submit automatically using jquery. Any one can solve plz…





How do you get this message? I mean what you do to get that message

If you do a page refresh from your browser then there is no way to prevent this message.


Actually this page will come after subimt form.

So when i refresh this page, this page resend previous posted data.

I need to refresh this page. because in this page i used some functionalily like approved, rejected, where i used jquery+ajax . So after success result i need to refresh this page.



How do you refresh the page… if you just press F5 on your browser than you cannot do anything about this… it’s the way the browser works…

If you need to update something on the page to show the new status… then maybe you can use jQuery / ajax to update that.

yes i will update something on the page to show the new status… if success ( using jquery + ajax ) i need to reload page for display updated information. So when i use window.location.reload(true); then popup window resend are display. So if possible auto resend, my problem will solve…

Forget the refresh… that is a browser refresh and you cannot prevent that message at that point.

You need to update the information by yourself… for that you can use JS / ajax / jQuery… what is the point in using ajax if after that you refresh the page with the browser.


Please see the image. in 1st image i have selected value and submit then display result (2nd image depend on selected value ), then click view, display (3rd image) modal window and click approved or rejected (using jquery+ajax) ,if approved or rejected success , it will go to 2nd image with update information. But problem is after success if i use location.reload(true); and hide popup window , then it display resend popup window… because this page has come after submit…

if i use again ajax inside success funtion, it will update div or somthing like that … but it will go 2nd image with updated information…

How it is possible ????????









Instead of “reloading” after approving or rejecting the payslip, can’t you just “redirect” to the url that displays the data in the second image?


Thanx for reploy. I know that i have to "reloading" after approving or rejecting the payslip but problem is when i use reload then display "resend" popup window. how will i solve… plz. is it possible automatically resend will be done ?