i am trying to put yii on my hosting but getting error like:

CDbConnection failed to open the DB connection: could not find driver

yii/framework/db/CDbConnection.php(242): CDbConnection->open()

with comparing with my local settings seems that i am missing pdo_sqlite driver on hosting.

I am using mysql and haven’t found out why i must have the PDO SQLite extension (this is with status warning ->/yii/requirements/)

Is there anyway i could use the framework without this driver, since they are not interested in install it?

many thanks.

I know that there is a workaround for mySql, but I don’t know if exist an analogous for sqlLite.

If they will not install and you don’t want to switch to mySql, change host, they will loose a customer.

Hi there,

This doesnt make sense with the messages from the ‘requirements’ tool:

PDO SQLite extension Passed All DB-related classes This is required if you are using SQLite database.

It clearly says IF YOU ARE USING. I have looked through the code of CDbConnection and it doesn’t use SQLite if you do not say so. The only way that will use SQLite by default if you do not say something different is CDbCache:

CDbCache relies on PDO to access database. By default, it will use a SQLite3 database under the application runtime directory. You can also specify connectionID so that it makes use of a DB application component to access database.

I have hard-coded the connectionString,username and password in public function __construct in CDbConnection.php. This works for me, even though i don’t like it. I will leave it as such until i get more into the framework itself.