Requirements Messages


(my first steps with yii)

after testing requierments\index.php I get some messages,


Memcache warning CMemCache

Mcyrpt warning CSecurityManager

The CClassNames are linked to documentation which is not so useful.

I expected some detail why the test failed.

  • what’s the difference between failed and warning

  • what should I do about those two warnings

  • where could one find details to the messages

Thanks for any help!


Warnings can be mostly ignored. They are just there to inform you that a certain optional component might not be able to do its job. E.g. CMemCache is a caching component. If you do not use memcache as a cache backend you shouldn’t worry about that.

well, mostly is the word that alerts me…

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But how to enable those features?

Just google a bit ‘memcache’ and ‘mcrypt’ installation or check php docs for these extensions and install them.