Requirement test failed

Hi, I’m new to Yii and even new to using frameworks. But I’m willing to learn :).

As a first step I downloaded Yii 1.1.1 and put it onto my server. Checking out the requirements (Yii/requirements/) gives me several fails.


[*]php version; but PHP 5.2.13 is installed

[*]Reflection extension; phpinfo says "Reflection: enabled: $Id: php_reflection.c 293850 2010-01-22 14:21:17Z jani $" I suppose "Reflection extension" means this?

[*]SPL extension; phpinfo says "enabled"

[*]DOM extension; phpinfo says "enabled"

[*]PDO extension; phpinfo says "enabled" for sqlite, mysql, sqlite2


Server is Linux with apache. (to figure out which version I have to contact the hoster)

I’m a little bit confused now. Should I ignore this or what can I do to resolve the problems?

Thanks for your help.

Yii requires PHP 5.1 currently so i am not sure why the test fails on the php version if you say you have 5.2 installed.

Basically you failed at almost all tests. Maybe the PHP info your looking at is not the same one that is used to run php on the server the Yii files are located at.

It could be so easy… Every directory needs a .htaccess file for using php 5. I forgot it for the Yii directory, shame on me. And thanks Vince, everything is fine now.