Requested Url not found on this server

I’ve just upgraded my Mac, when I go to my projects the opening page loads fine (Minus the debugger toolbar) but all other pages return a 404 The requested URL was not found on this server. Just a blank page, no Yii style errorr. What are generally the errors that cause this. It is occuring with all my Yii2 projects. I have checked the permissions and they are all set at 777 as far as I can see.

I had the same problem when I upgraded to Mavericks a few months ago.

Chances are your web server config has been overwritten, likely things to be ruined:

  • Vhost overwritten

  • php.ini config file overritten (this would explain the apache error as mod_rewrite is probably no longer enabled)

This shouldn’t happen if you’re using MAMP, but if it has try reinstalling (backup your project files first)

When this happened to me, I opted to install Ubuntu on a virtual machine and do all my programming in there - Benefits are:

  • These kind of upgrades dont affect your webserver

  • Your development environment is closer to the environment that you’re going to deploy your sites on to

  • Much easier to install php extensions and other server tech (you don’t need to bother with the likes of macports)

  • You can add linux sysadmin to your list of skills ;)

Good luck, Cheers


Thanks Ash,

I’d never thought of that. These are the things I have done to try and fix it. Made sure that the mod reqrite module is loaded in Apache2. I uncommented the line.

I’ve also made sure my vhosts is set up for localhost:

<VirtualHost *:80>

ServerName localhost

DocumentRoot /Library/WebServer/Documents/


My localhost itself seems to be fine. Just my Yii project

What other things can I do to try and narrow down the problem?

You will need to set AllowOverride. Very likely that is the problem now Heres an example for a Yii app using friendly urls:

<VirtualHost localhost:80>

        ServerName localhost

        ServerAlias www.localhost

        ServerAdmin webmaster@localhost

        DocumentRoot /Library/WebServer/Documents

        ErrorLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/error.log

        CustomLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/access.log combined

        SetEnv APPLICATION_ENV ="development"

        <Directory />

                DirectoryIndex index.php

                AllowOverride All

                Order allow,deny

                Allow from all



I’m not an expert on this stuff, in fact you’re nearing the end of my knowledge on vhosts. But try giving that a whirl.

One last thing actually. Make sure your hosts file is correct so that your web browser knows where to look for your server. On OSX

sudo nano /private/etc/hosts

and make sure this line exists:     localhost



Thanks Ash, really appreciate your time here. As I’ve exhausted your knowledge I’ll throw it out to other Mac/Yii Afficianados. Im pretty sure it’s a Mac set up rather than Yii problem. I just downloaded a new Yii. Same problem.

AllowOveride All

Is your Friend :rolleyes:

yep, I strongly recommend you stop using the OSX apache server, it’s only ever going to slow you down.


Do you have any links you’d recommend?