Request to Add a new Language (Farsi) in Forums


I am Ali from Iran, I wan to know How can I request to Add Farsi Language in the International Forums?


Are there more developers from Iran?

Yes, They are a lot. I ask them to vote this topic.


It’s my second request to open Persian(Farsi) Language Forum in Yii International.

I see there are just 4 topics in Arabic Forum but I guarantee we’ll add more than 40 in a week.

Remember we have a lot of wise Persian programmers around the world and we expect to have a forum here.

Thank you

i’m Iranian.

i’m talking with Persian language and the newly developed “YII” have begun.

i also want this forum to support Persian language

with thanks from ali …

Being a Persian-speaking Yii developer, I second the request.

NOTE: topics merged (same topic) - please do not open new topics with same request

How many developers should request the same ?

First of all you would need someone that would be the administrator of the group… and that person should have some experience with forums and Yii…

I’m experienced in Yii for more than 8 months. I’ve been working on it and I can send u my resume if it’s needed.

In the chat room u can ask Rawtaz , SJFriend they know me.

this is one of my latest projects with Yii in persian language.

In addition I sent about 10 opinions about "Agile Web Application

Development with Yii 1.1 and PHP5" to the authors group and they accepted some of them. You can ask from

At last I really like to develop this Framework in Persian language,


I just added Persian forum. @Ali: I set you as the moderator of this forum. Thank you!

It’s very nice of you, thank u Qiang :)

Thanks Ali to inform me about persian forum.

I will be happy to join you on this forum