Request.getparam Gets Only '?' When Utf-8 Chars

On line Overview: An android application is sends a text to the server side PHP component using Yiic framework which does required processing, authorization and sends back a response.

Problem :

Behavioural change occurs when the android device sends Japanese text to the aforesaid server side component. Yii::app()->request->getParam(‘textEntered’, ‘’) fetches only ‘??????’ and the encoding type is ASCII.

Further encoding it using ‘mb_convert_encoding’ has not effect.

In case of single byte alphanumeric characters it receives the desired text.

Is there a setting file where we can set the encoding to UTf-8 ?

It is strange because when a web client of this same server side component sends single/multi byte text, all character types can be handled.

Being a newcomer to Yiic framework this might be a newbie question. Please, suggest.

Thanks in advance.

Could trace the cause :

The server side PHP module is NOT the culprit in this case.

It was the url encoder on the android side which was creating the junk characters because it was not set to ‘UTF-8’ explicitly. A typical negligence by the coder.

Thank for reading the post.