Request for email address by AuthClient Extension


I used AuthClient Extension and i couldnt get the user’s email address. Is there a way to request it?

Edited: For FaceBook

I did all things which written on Quick Start

Thank you…

What client are you using? Twitter for example does not provide email addresses. Most others should.

Sorry for for got it. For Facebook

Are you able to access other data, such as name_first and name_last?

Yeah, Its getting name, surname, gender, profile id, web site url

But it doesnt get email address…

It looks like there can be three main reasons why Facebook will not return an email:


[*]The email is not verified

[*]The user signed up with a phone number instead of an email

[*]The user unchecked the share email checkbox when authorizing your site


Have you tested this with multiple Facebook accounts? Are you using a "test" Facebook account and you never verified the email?

It seems like the work around is to write some code on your site that forces the collection of their email before they can sign up / sign in. This is the route Twitter actually recommends since they will never provide an email.

Do you need their email? Once they authorize your site you have their Facebook ID (21 digit number I think), you can save that and that’s all the more you need to connect them to their account for future sign ins.

Thank you Ryan,

I will post the solution after fix.