Reporting - Pass Parameters

hey i have successfully created static reports with the help of jasphp extension :)

i have created the necessary reports and stored them inside the project :unsure:

now i want to pass the parameters to generate some reports :( :(

this is my actionReport in the Controller (for static reports)

public function actionReport()


            $reportfiledir =getcwd() . '/reports/';

            $filename = $_GET['file'] . '.jrxml';

                    $title = 'Hello World!';


                    $reportfiledir ,




                    'title' => $title,'parameter1'=>$_GET['p']







this is the code in the view to get the report[/b] (for static reports)

<?php echo CHtml::link('Generate PDF report', array('report','type'=>'jasphp', 'file' => 'report4dasad','p'=>'1')) ?>

can somebody tell me how to pass parameters ?? :( :(

thank you in advance ;D

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See documentation over here

Second parameter is suppose to be url

use createUrl function like


Where $params in this case is:

$params = array(‘report’,‘type’=>‘jasphp’, ‘file’ => ‘report4dasad’,‘p’=>‘1’);