Reportico Report Module - New Version 4.1

Hi there

Just wanted to let people know that i have just released the latest version of the Open source Yii module Reportico version 4.1

This version includes a better look and feel, dynamic sortable, searchable grid mode, quick report design buttons, improved charting engine etc.

You can find it on the Reportico Yii module demo page:-

Peter Deed


Thank you for the update.

It works great, I had some challenges with using the module with Rights module on the older version, you just made my day. And the bootstrap theme, nice.


Hello, Reportico is a great product. Thanks for that.

I was checking your report XML file format.I have noticed an unbalanced element structure.

<EntryForm> element does not close where it is supposed to be.

I also lost suddenly everything I did for a report even though I was saving each time. Hard to explain now how it happened.

Great product. Thanks.