Replacing PDO with other APIs

Dear All,

I asked this question at the bottom of a previous post but I think it must have got lost for most people!

I would like to use some APIs (IBM_db2) for connecting to a database rather than PDO as PDO doesn’t work well enough for us for connect to the database on our platform (DB2 on iSeries - AS/400)) (see my post on PDO and iSeries for more details).

The APIs can do everything that PDO can do. I am very new to Yii and would like to use it as my framework. Can someone tell the me the best way to go about plugging in these APIs so that I keep all the correct functionality of Yii?

Has anyone previously managed to use anther system rather than PDO?

Thanks in advance.

Martin C

To use the ‘ibm_db2’, you would have to rewrite virtually any system connection to the database.My extension for IBM DB2: YIIDB2

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