hello yii community,

I need to rendPartial a view that is in another controler

so right now I am doing this:

$this->renderPartial(’//users/create’, array(‘model’=>$model))

the problem is that create also has a render partial and it seems that the render partial is searching for the view file from the controller in which I wrote

$this->renderPartial(’//users/create’, array(‘model’=>$model))

so how can you render something that has other renderPartial in other controllers?


to be more precise, I have a user controller with all the crud but I want to display the create form on the index page of my website => in siteController

You need to create a widget. :)

Don’t even think of calling ‘renderPartial’ of another controller inside a controller.

Interesting question !

I also have some kind of surprises with the view rendering flow …

I think you have to tell in the /users/create partial where to look for the partial called from here.

Maybe this post could help

Ok, good to know !