renderPartial Widget - doesnt work


got a widget placed in a seperate view which is renderedPartial in another view

 $this->beginwidget('zii.widgets.jui.CJuiDraggable', array(

                        'id' => 'rmv_' . $interest->interestinfo->id,

                        'options' => array(

                            'revert' => 'invalid',

                            'scope' => 'test'


                        'htmlOptions' => array('style' => 'float:left')




                    <span class="profile_interest">

                        <?= $interest->interestinfo->name_ger ?>


                    <? $this->endWidget(); ?>

after Ajax was successfull this widget becomes renderedPartial again from the Ajax Controller.

 $this->renderPartial('/ajaxContent/interestList', array('interestAction' => $interestAction), false, true);

everything works fine, but in OPERA after rendering the widget again via controller my backgroundcolors turns white. if i set the 4th parameter to false everything works fine in opera but the widget doesnt work anymore.

what does this 4th parameter really say and why does it work in every browser but in opera everything works fine as well BUT the backgroundcolor turns white. its pretty pretty weird so and i cant find an explanation for that. tried everything in the ajax request calls. has it something to do with the widget IDs??? is this why i need the 4th parameter. and how can i work with my widgets without using the 4th parameter? i have dynamic items, whose should be dragged and evry one should have another ID.

The fourth parameter specifies whether or not to output any registered scripts. So with your widget there it registers a javascript it needs to have output to make it function, so without that fourth parameter as true you don’t have the script you need to run the widget. If it’s failing to work on opera then you’re going to need to debug whatever it is in the scripts that the browser doesn’t like.

yeah go for it and release it as an extension. we’ll help as much as we can