renderPartial shows up on top of page

hey all

having a strange thing happen to me

I’m trying to call renderPArtial form within a view t orun some AJAX… .but for some reason it throws the content of the renderPartial at the very top of my page. above the header!

am I missing something? here’s the view that is causing the issue


$event_date = event::model()->geteventday($_REQUEST['day']);


	Yii::t('general','Event') =>array('event/event'),




<h1><?php //echo Yii::t('general', 'Calendar of events') ?></h1>

<p><?php  //eventController::showIndex(); ?></p>

<div id="data">

   <?php $this->renderPartial('_ajaxContent', array('myfiles'=>$myfiles)); ?>



<div class="para"><?php  echo  CHtml::Link(Yii::t('general','See all documents'),array('event/documents')); ?></div>

Most likely you have a problem with resulting HTML (unclosed tags and so on)

Check the whole page html source.

nope…turns out I had a function call with a widget in it… ad to set the last parameter to TRUE so that it would not echo right away.