Renderpartial Problem


I have hard time figuring out why data I pass through renderPartial is not available in my viewFile. Here’s my code:


$this->renderPartial('submitProjectForm', array('categoryModel'=> $categoryModel, 'budgetRangeModel'=>$budgetRangeModel, 'preselecedId'=>1));

$this->renderPartial('oneLineCategories', array('activeColumnNr'=>1));


The first call to renderPartial works as expected, all the variables are available and shown when debugging.

The second call which just sends an integer is the problem. I have no possibility to use or see $activeColumnNr in the view file. When I try to use it I get the "Undefined variable" error.

Any idea what might be the cause?



Should work

Maybe a typo or something. Double check for syntax.

Thanks for the interest!

Yeah, I have checked and checked.

The thing is that if there’s any syntax error on the call for renderPartial, the execution would stop. In addition the data sent from the function call should be visible when debugging. So it is not that I am trying to use the variable with a wrong name.

In the first call in my code I am doing the exact same thing, and all the data passed trough renderPartial shows up in my debugger.