Renderpartial Of A View Which Registers A Jquery Plugin Fails

Hi, I found a weird scenario:

I have a page which launches a jQuery UI dialog, which executes using AJAX an action which renders a view with a jQuery widget and some jQuery libraries (external javascript files, loaded in head with standard <script> tags).





...<script src="/js/jquery.myplugin.js" type="text/javscript" />...

Well, this works fine in a local box, and also in our local farm: the javascript is loaded and executed.

Enter Amazon Web Services (AWS). I have a CDN under the same domain of the farm’s load balancer.(ELB in Amazon parlance) Let’s say:



Where holds the published-to-S3 (S3=AWS storage) assets and is the frontend for the PHP boxes doing the Yii processing. Well, the action is launched at, and renders the view including the correct reference:

...<script src="" type="text/javscript" />...

But here jquery.myplugin.js is not even loaded.

I’m unsure if this is caused by some restriction in web browsers (I tested it with latest Chrome and Firefox, and MSIE 10), since the javascript is located at another host, even if this host is whithin the same domain, or I dunno what’s going on :unsure::blink::( Does anybody have a clue or a similar case?


Note: the same code but loaded as a normal page rendered with render() (not within an AJAX rendered dialog), works fine, locally, in our local farm and in AWS.